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Customers Universe

Where to Sell?

• Geo-tagging and de-duplication of all the Customers

• Distribution density / Reach visibility

• Identify White/Brown space and Expand distribution

• Build Customer profile


• Accurate and consistent Customers Database

• Improve Direct Coverage

Partner in Growth

GTM Design

How to Sell?

• Design Go-to-Market approach

• Define Sales channels, Grouping and Visit frequency

• Design Sales Routes

• Assign Sales Reps

• Organic Management of GTM design


• Higher Visits per day

• Optimal time per Customer

• Optimal # of Salesman

plug and play

Target & Assortment Planning

What and How much? 

• Assortment Planning

• Automated Target management @ Distributor, Channel, Product level

• Demand Sensing & Periodic redistribution of targets

• Delta Order recommendation


• Improve Sales per Customer 

• Improve Range Selling

Partner in Growth

Digital Retail Execution

Digital Execution

• Retailer App for self ordering

• End to end Order Management and Order Tracking

• Enable in-store execution

• Enable Self Ordering channels


Optimize Reps cost

Improve Customer loyalty

Improve Sales

plug and play

Sales Control Tower

Intelligent Supervision

• Provide real-time visibility

• Exception management

• Minimize Sales supervision effort

• Automate incentive calculation

• Provide a decision-grade database for deeper customer understanding


• Improve In-market adherence

• Minimize Sales supervision effort

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