Values Delivered

A system created with your business in mind

planning 2

Route Planning

Plan over 1500 deliveries in less than 3 minutes with all possible constraints

• Multi Mode Planning and Carrier Optimization

• Multi Leg Optimization (Pickup + Drop)

• Multiple Trips per Vehicle Planning

• Customer and Order Specific Constraints (Time Windows, Vehicle Incompatible, Frozen, etc)

exec 2

Delivery Execution

End to End support for Delivery Execution, Delivery/Payment Reconciliation and Freight Settlement. 

• Auto Vehicle Assignment & Dispatch

• Track & Trace with Alerts

• Open Box Partial Deliveries

• Multiple PoD mechanisms

• EoD Stock and Cash Recon

Frame 189

Control Tower

One single window to view and manage entire Delivery

• Prebuild and Configurable KPIs

• Drill down to each location, vehicle and order

• Real time view of all delivery vehicles

• Exception detection and visibility

• EoD Stock and Cash Recon

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